Marketing tools

Optimized Marketing Tools

See the benefit of your efforts in real-time with our complete suite of reporting, tracking and marketing tools.

Access Anywhere

Get your stats or modify campaigns from anywhere you find yourself, thanks to our secure cloud-based storage system. With no download and no set-up required, you’re ready to go right out of the box.

Automatic Optimization

We know what works and thanks to the benefit of our experience our algorithms can custom tailor your campaigns at the click of a button. This keep what works in operation and casts what doesn’t to the side.

Landing On Your Feet

We offer custom landing page building software and beautiful templates. Make your own or use what we have at the ready, split test and improve performance at the click of a mouse.

No-wait Redirect

With data centers all over the world, we ensure your traffic never has to wait and you never miss out when it comes to clicks.

Unlimited Domains

Purchase and implement an unlimited number of domains that can be custom-made to fit your campaigns.

Tracking Activity

Monitor and manage your campaigns on mobile and web more effectively using our proven traffic distribution software.

Real-time Monitoring

Using our comprehensive tracking and data segmentation software, watch your campaigns evolve as soon as they are born with real-time stats for every aspect of traffic.

Full-Scale Reporting

Never miss a beat with campaign reporting software that allows you to track your entire account’s activity as narrowly, or broadly, as you like.

Striking Precision  

Thanks to more than a dozen aspects of our software that serve to sharpen your aim, meticulous targeting features ensure you’re reaching your audience with exact accuracy.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Divide the labor more effectively by assigning roles and permissions to different user profiles set up under your account.


Get updates on a schedule you set to track progress and conversions throughout the day, while you’re away.


We’re standing by around the clock to help you in any way we can, whether it be to answer questions or to optimize your campaigns.


Updates and developments are never far from release and we are constantly working on improvements to make the software more efficient and meet the growing demands of our industry.

Get to work like never before with the help of Eshkol. Contact us today!